Strategic Financial Analyst S Florida

Position Type:
5 - 7
Salary Range:
$45,000 - $55,000 Yearly
Coconut Grove Petro Inc., a fast growing FL based organization engaged in multifaceted operations including commercial retail & real estate business is seeking a strategic & financial analyst to provide, among others, real estate financial analysis of company's and its customers commercial or residential investment decisions, sales, costs, expenses, tax rates to determine potential investment values and project future earnings, construct financial models and tools to present financial feasibility analysis & reports, conduct market research and analysis, develop plans for commercial investors, diagnose financial model issues and execute action plan. Candidate should have financial modeling skills along with experience in making presentations, utilizing financial & real estate analysis including, competitive analysis, thematic mapping, demographic insights, financial modeling and customer segmentation. Need Minimum Bachelor Degree in Economics or the equivalent with real estate and business financial analysis expertise.
Mail resume to Coconut Grove Petro Inc., 3900/3930, Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, Fl-33067
or Email to cgrovepetro@gmail.com

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